Steps to a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Posted on January 9, 2011


Environment issues are all around us. And you’ve probably noticed that “Green” is everywhere these days, especially on the internet and the media. We all know about pollution, global warming and climate change. Most of us have watched Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”. It’s great that we’re all concerned about these issues, but how many of us take a step beyond mere concern?

Till I started working on “The Green Bandits”, I never thought that as an individual I could make an impact on the environment. I did my recycling of course, but what more could I do as one person anyway right? Turns out I was grossly wrong! As I started reading up on and researching these issues I realized that our choices and actions have a wave like effect on the world. We live in an incredibly connected planet and everything we do (or don’t) has an impact.

Moreover, many activists and conferences tend to portray these environment issues as larger than ourselves. We do need Government controls on pollution, laws banning plastic bags, and restrictions on vehicle emissions but if we all embrace a green lifestyle we would make as big a difference ourselves.

In the posts to come, I hope to give you tips on sustainable living. We don’t need to spend more or put in extra effort to live greener! We just need to become more conscious.

Author: Mansi Gandhi