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The future of trashcans

February 26, 2011


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Steps to a Smaller Carbon Footprint: Paper or Plastic?

February 21, 2011


Between paper and plastic, it seems natural to assume that paper bags are better than plastic ones, but is paper really the greener choice? Here are some quick facts… Facts about Plastic bags: 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed every year. Only 1% of those are recycled, the rest end up in […]

Steps to a Smaller Carbon Footprint: Plastic-Free February

February 8, 2011

0 is about healthier living on a healthier planet. This month, they came up with a “Plastic-Free February” challenge. The ground rules are simple: 1. No buying or acquiring new plastic. 2. No cooking with plastic or storing food in plastic. 3. Minimize all other plastic use. The basic point is to get everyone to […]

The 80/20 rule

February 4, 2011


This post isn’t anything new. But it bears summary, repetition, and reapplication. Efficiency is a really tricky duck to pin down. Just ask any gear-head about fuel efficiency in a car–you’ve got the size of the engine, the weight of the car, wind resistance, the tire size and type, style of driving, transmission type…What do […]