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What if the gulf oil spill never happened

April 29, 2011


I can’t believe it’s already been more than a year since the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill! What if it had never happened? Check out this video on facts of what that same oil could have been used for. Author: Mansi Gandhi Advertisements

Give Earth A Hand

April 26, 2011


This is a beautiful and powerful video made by Greenpeace for Earth Day 2011. If you like it, please share it and spread the word.

Let’s send M.Night Shyamalan Back to School!

April 25, 2011


M. Night School is a hilarious website started by three worried Shyamalan fans…you should definitely check it out. Their objective: to get 150,000 people to donate $1 each in order to send M. Night Shyamalan back to film school before he makes another terrible movie! Lol. If they do actually get around to raising the money and Shyamalan […]

How to Make a Short Film

April 24, 2011


Source: Scary Cow Productions

Water Changes Everything

April 22, 2011


This Earth Day, we want to show you a video about the current Water Crisis. The statistics are astonishing! Earth Day is about honoring our planet’s resources, let’s do what we can to end this crisis. Sources: Author: Mansi Gandhi

15 Awesome Earth Day Posters: 1970-Today

April 20, 2011


Classic Earth Day posters from the past 31 years. You can see the art change over the years. Which one is your favorite? 1970 1971 1982 1990 1992 1995 2000 2001 2005 2007 2008 2009 2011 Sources: RedGreen&Blue

United States of the Environment

April 19, 2011


The Good The Bad Source: Bits And Pieces