Standardized labels for Recycle Bins – finally!

Posted on April 11, 2011


We all recycle. At home. At work. Even while we’re on holiday. But how is it that despite our progress in recycling, there isn’t a standard for recycling labels yet? Wouldn’t the non-uniformity lead to a confusion and eventually more work for processors down the line?

Recycle Across America, RAA, have set out to create nationally consistent and effective labeling on recycling bins across America. This is a brilliant and simple initiative that is bound to create an impact.

Watch their music video here:


As Michele Hedlund, the Executive Director of RAA, rightly says “If recycling and manufacturing with recycled materials is going to be taken seriously in this country, then the labels on bins need to be taken seriously. It’s simply a matter of common sense.” I couldn’t agree more.

To know more about recycling and their initiative, do check out their website. And here’s what the labels look like:

What do you think about creating consistent, standardized labels? Necessary or not?

Sources: RRA, Recource Recycling

Author: Mansi Gandhi