Low Carbon Diet Tips (No, we don’t mean the element ‘C’!)

Posted on April 14, 2011


The Bon Appetit Management Company (the onsite restaurant at Oracle) is trying to increase awareness about making the right food choices to reduce climate change by hosting a “Low Carbon Diet Day”. As a restaurant, they always use local and healthy foods – something that most restaurants don’t do. Check out this video:

And here are their

Top Five Low Carbon Diet Tips:

1. You bought it, you eat it – don’t waste food

Food waste is responsible for more methane emissions than any source besides ruminant animals. Select food you expect to eat. If you don’t finish it all in one sitting, save the leftovers for another meal.

2. Make ‘seasonal and regional’ your food mantra

Foods that are in season in your region are generally lower carbon choices because they are not air-freighted, which is emissions-intensive. However, be careful not to buy produce grown in greenhouses heated with non-renewable energy even if they’re close to you.

3. Moooove away from beef and cheese

Livestock creates 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. If you eat meat and cheese, consider reducing portion sizes, selecting items less frequently, and eating only those products you REALLY love.

4. Stop flying fish and fruit – don’t buy air-frieghted food

For seafood and out of season premium produce, “fresh” often means “air-flown”, which is 10 times more emissions-intensive than transporting products by ship. The best quality seafood is usually ‘processed and frozen at sea’ and seasonal produce grown locally tastes better.

5. If it’s processed and packaged, skip it

Snack foods, most juices, even veggie burgers (cooked, frozen, boxed and transported) are prepared with a lot of energy. When you need a treat or an “easy grab”, choose fresh local fruit, small quantities of nuts, and delicious homemade alternatives.

Check out their Circle of Responsibility site for some really good information!

Author: Mansi Gandhi