What the Frack is going on? – “My Water’s on Fire Tonight”

Posted on May 14, 2011


“My Water’s on Fire Tonight” is a rap song made by students at NYU’s Studio 20 to explain Hydro-fracking. 

Hydro-fracking(or Hydraulic fracturing) is the controversial process of recovering natural gas underground by sending drilling water pipes deep into the earth to fracture rock. This isn’t the first time environmental activists have gotten creative for their cause. Just a couple of months back we posted the “Bring your own, don’t you forget , dude!” song by Green Sangha.

But as the creators noted “The intent is to bring people in, to create an easily digestible package that compels news consumers to dig into the real meat of the story” and not to take the place of investigative journalism.

We hope you enjoy the song!

Author: Mansi Gandhi