“The Green Bandits” is a 40 minute short film about environment friendly bank robbers set in the world of corporate Green Washing. It’s an action-thriller inspired by true environmental disasters –  the recent British Petroleum Oil Spill and the 1984 Union Carbide Gas Explosion at Bhopal. To know more about the movie, check out our IndieGoGo Page and “like” our Facebook Page.

Making this film has been an enlightening experience. The extensive research, the amazing people, the intellectual conversations and debates have made us more aware of a lot of things we had taken for granted. Realizations were made and new ideas were born.

We look at the journey we’ve taken and feel that we need to share our thoughts and our realizations with you. We want to ask questions that puzzle you, tell stories that interest you, and reveal facts that might surprise you.

We plan to cover a large category of environment related issues and hope to help people reduce their carbon footprint.

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